Here are four examples of disaster from my own experience in 2020

Well, 2020 was a tough year. I am not talking about COVID-19 or fires or anything like that. I am talking about my relationship with gaming characters. This is not a new thread for me and I am sure you guys know what I am talking about.

You know, it’s quite normal to learn some tips about your relationship online. It can even help you solve problems with your partner if you use the right sources. But as I learned the hard way, 2020’s video games clearly aren’t good examples.

This post does not contain any spoilers about games stories…

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Artwork — Google

We are about to finish our 16th hour in the game. There are a bottle of yesterday’s beverage, a dirty plate, and a bag of half-eaten nuts on the table. Our eyes are so sore that we swear the bed behind us is calling our name. Apart from having been to the toilet for the last three hours, our ears are as red as the faces of our enemies. But…

The music is rising. Perhaps a voice-over or a supporting character is now starting to tell the biggest secret of the 16-hour story. …

Burak Yazar

I tell stories about life from different perspective.

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