Don’t Take Relationship Advice From Video Games

Here are four examples of disaster from my own experience in 2020

Advice One: Put Yourself in Danger Without Thinking Your Partner

When only one person makes a suggestion, you may not take it seriously. But when all the characters say or do pretty much the same thing in The Last of Us Part II, it’s inevitable for you to apply this suggestion to your relationship.

Advice Two: Don’t Trust Your Partner in Any Way

I have a lot of fun playing Among Us. It reveals the actor, the liar and the performance artist in me. But in the midst of all this fun, there is only one piece of advice it gives: don’t trust anyone.

Advice Three: Be Cocky About Your Hard Working

Listen to me, I am not too guilty in this one.

Advice Four: Go for Certain Victory Even If It Means Defeating Her

Whoever thinks video games are just for fun is wrong. Fall Guys reminded me that I am playing video games for winning. Not losing like my girlfrie — let me explain.

Photo by Kalegin Michail on Unsplash.
Cover image by Daniel Mackey on Dribbble.

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